Lecture Series

Inaugural Lectures


Simple as Counselling but Greater than Medicine
Professor (Mrs.) Daisy Inyingi Dimkpa
Viruses: Ignored, Neglected, Poorly Understood with Resulting Devastating Consequences
Professor Kemebradikumo Daniel Pondei
Basic Medical Sciences Medical Microbiology and Parasitology 17th April, 2019 36
Nano, Nano, Nano
Professor Ezekiel Dikio
Science Chemical Sciences 20th March, 2019 35
Bloom’s Taxonomy Revisited
Professor Allen Aziba-Odumomsi Agih
Education Educational Foundations 20th February, 2019 34
Addressing, Reddressing and Undressing the Regional Development Planning Process in Nigeria Innocent, Miebaka Aprioku Social Sciences Geography and Environmental Management 1st August, 2018 33
Best Evidence, Best Care for New Borns, the Prospects in Bayelsa State Onyaye, Edgar
Clinical Sciences Paediatrics and Child Health 18th July, 2018 32
Ubiquitous Microbes; The Virtuous, The Iniquitous and the innocuous Elijah, Ige Ohimain Science Biological Science 17th January, 2018 31
The Oracle in the Blood Zacheaus, Awortu Jeremiah Basic Medical Science Medicine 13th December, 2017 30
Bloodless Surgery: Convergence of Science and Religion. Where do we go from Here? Bismack, Bio Kombo Basic Medical Science Medicine 13th November, 2017 29
“Mopping the wet Floor While Overlooking the Leaking Roof”: Rethinking peace Building in the Niger Delta Ibaba, Samuel Ibaba Social Sciences Sociology 16th August, 2017 28
Fishery-The Earth’s Foundation: A Treasure In Obscurity Jasper, Freeborn Nestor Abowei Science Biological Science 19th July, 2017 27
Vibrating a Nation to State of Stable Equilibrium Ezenwa, Alfred Ogbonnaya Engineering Marine Engineering 17th May, 2017 26
Thriving Through Life’s Changing Scenes: My perception of Adults Education Zuofa, Comfort Chiengenashi Education Adult Education 19th April,2017 25
The ‘CAABA’ Model of Reconstructing Local Economy of the Niger Delta Region Amily Etekpe Social Sciences Plotical Sciences 15th March, 2017 24
Associates, Adversaries & Adjutants: Exploring the Diverse Roles of micro-organisms in Human Health and Disease Dimie Ogoina Basic Medical Science Medicine 15th February, 2017 23
Extra-Constitutional Adjudication of rights and the Nigerian Court: End of the beginning or the Beginning of the End? Solomon, Tamarabrakemi Ebobrah Law Law 18th January, 2017 22
The Fish and Its parasites: angst of Producers and Consumers Mrs. Abiodun, Oluseye Adeyemo Agriculture Fisheries 14th December, 2016 21
Sorption a Prodigy of life and Living Wankasi, Donbebe S. Sciences Pure and Applied Chemistry 16th November, 2016 20
Family Medicine: “the complexities of differentiating undifferentiated diseases in a differentiated profession” Brisibe, Seiyefa Fun-Akpa Basic Medical Science Medicine 09th March, 2016 19
The Barrack Boy with the knife, Health and Mathematical Surgical Decisions in the Mangrove Forest Fente, Beleudanyo Gbalipre Basic Medical Science Medicine 27th January, 2016 18
God, Man And The World: The Nigerian Tripodic “Exchangeological” Dilemma Edoumiekumo, Samuel Gowon Social Sciences Economics 21st October, 2015 17
Aid To Aids: A Journey Of Serendipity Harry, Tubonye Clement Clinical Sciences Internal Medicine 12th August, 2015 16
The Divinity Behind the Tripod: Man, the Invisible World and Death: The Divinity Behind the Tripod Mirabeau, Tatfeng Youtchou Basic Medical Sciences Medical Laboratory Science 15th April, 2015 15
Engineering The Environment Adewumi, IfeOluwa Kehinde Engineering Civil Engineering 25th February, 2015 14
Dispelling Darkness – The Nigerian Experience Ahiakwo, Christopher Okwuchukwu Engineering Electrical Engineering 28th January, 2015 13
Agricultural Education for Self-Reliance in the Niger Delta Area Egumu, Akpoebi Clement Education 12
Ozidi Avenges: A Sculpto-Graphotherapeutic And Pictorial Naratology in Art Ganagana, Wenikado S. Art Fine & Applied Arts 17th September, 2014 11
African Cultural Historiography: A Cogitation on African Identity and Recurrent Problems of Cultural Revival Sorgwe, Chabuovie Menizibeya Arts History and Diplomacy 27th August, 2014 10
The Forest is Pregnant Ajibesin, Kalawole Kayode Pharmacy Pharmacognosy and Herbal Medicine 6th August, 2014 9
What Comes Out of the Pot? Omobuwajo, Olanrewaji Rita-Marie Pharmacy Pharmacognosy and Herbal Medicine 16th July, 2014 8
Education: The Problem of Nigeria Asuka, Tuemi Tudou Education Educational Foundations 25th June, 2014 7
Insects: Our Friends, Our ‘Foes’ Epidi, Timothy T. Agricultural Technology 28th May, 2014 6
The Petroleum Question?
Towards Harmony in Development
Ikein, Augustine A. Management Science 26th March, 2014 5
A Probe as a Predictive Tool: A Theoretical Physicist’s Pathway (Plasma as a Model) Alagoa, Kingsley Danekete Sciences Chemical Sciences 25th May, 2011 4
Post-Harvest Agricultural Processing: Lesson from the Honeybee Dau, S. Ziborkere Engineering Agricultural Engineering 30th March, 2011 3
The Touchstone of the Pharmacy Profession Joshua, Fusho Eniojukan Pharmacy Pharmacy 3rd March, 2011 2
Chemical Engineering and the Environmental Revolution Humphrey, Adrew Ogoni Engineering Chemical Engineering 10th April, 2008 1