Faculty of Science



The philosophy of the faculty shall be the training and production of manpower grounded in scientific and technological principles that will be necessary for national development, particularly the development of Bayelsa State and the Niger Delta.

Programme Objectives


1. To enable the students imbibe the fundamental principles of the natural sciences;
2. To enable students develop skills for the application of the scientific principles for the solution of societal problems.

Faculty Admins

S/N Names Position
1. Prof. Kenneth Okiongbo Dean of Faculty view profile
2. Mrs. Ukie Youdubagha Faculty Officer view profile
3. Mrs. Erene O. Soutegha Secretary to Dean view profile
4. Dr. Iniobong Inyang Head of Department Biological Science view profile
5. Dr. Davidson E. Egirani Head of Department Geology view profile
6. Dr. Evans Osaisai Head of Department Mathematics / Computer Science view profile
7. Prof. Ezekiel D. Dikio Head of Department Chemical Science view profile
8. Dr. Godwin Ogobiri Head of Department Physics view profile
S/N Names Position
1. Inengite, Azibaola Kesiye Dean of Science view profile
2. Ms. Cynthia October Bindei Faculty Officer view profile
3. Mr. Woyengimiebifagha Kayopa Secretary to Dean view profile
4. Dr. Patrick E. Udoye Head of Department Anatomical Pathology view profile
5. Dr. Marcellinus E. Arhoghro Head of Department Biochemistry view profile
6. Dr. (Mrs.) Benedicta Kasia Head of Department Chemical Pathology view profile
7. Dr. Pughikumo Ogho Crosdale Head of Department Haematology, & Immunology view profile
8. Dr. Tamuno-Olobo Johnbull Head of Department Human Anatomy view profile
9. Dr. Peter Eregbeli Head of Department Human Physiology view profile
10. Prof. Chukwuma Ferdinand Head of Department Medical Laboratory Science view profile
11. Prof. Chukwuma Ferdinand Head of Department Medical Microbiology and Parasitology view profile
12. Prof. Fidelis Poh Ching Head of Department Pharmacology & Therapeutics view profile

Research Areas


Dean's Lecture Series