Annals of Applied Science

Mission and Scope


The Annals of Applied Science (Ann.Appl.Sc) publishes contributions of professional, applied scientific and educational interest to scientists, engineers, medical and nursing practitioners, pharmacists, agriculturists and researchers and those in related disciplines, with special focus on applied science and research in Africa. The aim of the Annals is to provide a medium for international dissemination of research findings in Nigeria and elsewhere and to promote co-operation amongst and between scientists in Southern Nigeria and elsewhere. The Annals is published in English, supplements are published upon arrangement with the Editor-in-Chief.


1 Prof Ezekiel D. Dikio (Editor in Chief) Niger Delta University, Nigeria
2 Prof. Kinsley Alagoa Niger Delta University, Nigeria
3 Prof. Lanrewaju Omobuwajo Niger Delta University, Nigeria
4 Prof. Joe Igbeka Niger Delta University, Nigeria
5 Prof. Matthew Okusu Niger Delta University, Nigeria
6 Prof. T.C. Harry Niger Delta University, Nigeria
7 Prof. C.O. Orubu Niger Delta University, Nigeria
8 Prof. Olubunmi A. Obi Niger Delta University, Nigeria
1 Prof. Tope Alonge University of Ibadan, Nigeria
2 Prof. C. O. Adewunmi Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife
3 Prof. M. Jinadu Niger Delta University, Nigeria
4 Prof. Andy Brisibe Niger Delta University, Nigeria
5 Prof, M. C. K. Shirdhar University of Ibadan, Nigeria
6 Prof. Sulaiman A. Adekola Niger Delta University, Nigeria
7 Prof. John A. Apodiete Delta State University, Abraka
8 Prof. Francis Sikoki University of Port-Harcourt

Information About Previous
Publication manuscripts are considered on the understanding that they have not been published or are not under consideration for publication by another journal, However, publication of the abstract of the paper elsewhere does not disqualify the paper from consideration. When there is doubt about possible duplicative publication, authors should attach a copy of the published paper to the manuscript on submission.

Submission of Manuscripts
The Annals welcomes paper in the form of original research articles, commentaries, editorials, review and educational materials as well as scientific, socio-political and economic contributions in matter that impact on applied sciences, education and research. An electronic cop of the manuscript should be sent to the email address of the Editor-in-Chief:

Revised Manuscript
When revising a manuscript at the request of the Editor-in-Chief, authors should provide a covering letter detailing the response to each of the points raised by the assessors or the editors. A copy should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief by email. An electronic proof of the edited manuscript may be sent to the corresponding author for corrections on request. Such proofs must be returned to the Editor within three days of dispatch by the Editorial Office. Typographical corrections only should be effected when correcting galley proofs.
Manuscript should be prepared in accordance with the “Uniform Requirement Submitted to Biomedical Journals”. The paper should be typed with 3cm margins and double spaced throughout, including illustration and references. Pages should be numbered and word-count provided for the abstract and the complete paper excluding references, tables and legends. Point size 12 using Times New Roman should be used throughout the manuscript, using Microsoft Word application.
All contributions are peer reviewed by asserroes, accepted manuscript ay be copy edited according to the annals style. The authors are responsible for all statement and claims made in their work and such claims and statements are not necessarily shared by the Editors or the Published or owners of the similarly, neither the Editors nor the published guarantee any claims made concerning advertised products or services


Submission Checklist for Authors
Corresponding authors should endure that:

1. All parts of the manuscript are typed double-spaced using times new roman. Font size = 12

2. Each section is begun on a new page

3. The following sequence is followed: title page, abstract, keywords, abbreviations (if any), introduction, subjects, materials and methods, results, discussion, acknowledgement, duality of interest, reference, tables, figures, and legends to tables and figures: each started on a separate page.

4. Abstract is structures in no more than 250 words (include a word count)

5. Four to six keywords (from index medicus MESH) are provided

6. Reference, figures, and tables are cited consecutively in text

7. High quality illustration clearly numbered and labeled for orientation are provided in electronic format on final acceptance.

8. They have included permission to reproduce previously published materials or permission to use illustration that may identify human subject.

9. A cover letter stating the following is included:

  • a. Originality of work
  • b. Type of article (vide infra)
  • c. Approval of final copy of manuscript by all authors are signed by all authors
  • d. Name, postal and e-mail addresses, telephone and fax numbers of corresponding author

10. They acknowledge potential conflict of interest and financial support

11. They keep for their own use a copy of everything being submitted

12. When finally accepted, they enclose signed transfer of copyright and other forms.


Notice to Subscribers
Annual individual subscription rates in US Dollars inclusive of postage are as follows:
$50 per annum (2 issues)
Institution $100 per annum (2 issues)


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