Department of Political Science



We intend to mainly produce men and women who will be technically and ideologically equipped, to play leading roles in government and other related fields in the country.


To bring students into sharp focus to give both the career and academic oriented students a solid foundation for growth and development in all the relevant areas.

  • The Department of Political Science offers the following programmes;
  • i) B.Sc. in Political Science
  • ii) Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) in Political Science
  • iii) Master of Science (MSc.) in Political Science (Development Studies, Public Administration, International Relations)
  • iv) Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in  Political Science (Development Studies, Public Administration, International Relations)
  • American Politics
  • Comparative Politics
  • International Relations
  • Political Methodology
  • Political Theory

Academic Staff

S/N Names Rank
1 Iyabrade Ikporukpo Associate Professor view profile
2 Ambily Etekpe Professor view profile
3 Ibaba Samuel Ibaba Professor view profile
4 Cocodia Jude Associate Professor view profile
5 Inokoba Preye Kuro Associate Professor view profile
6 Philips Obololi-owei Okolo Associate Professor view profile
7 Egbe Olawari Dennis Joseph Senior Lecturer view profile
8 Gogo David Okuwa Senior Lecturer view profile
9 Ibani Bubarayi Goddy Lecturer I view profile
10 Paki Fidelis Akpozike Etinye Lecturer I view profile
11 Prince Gliksten O. Odondiri Lecturer I view profile
12 Rufus Anthony Lecturer I view profile
13 Stella Embeleakpo Ogroh Lecturer I view profile
14 Zibima Tubodenyefa Lecturer I view profile
15 Bestman Jim-Ogbolo Lecturer II view profile
16 Dan-Woniowei Fie David Lecturer II view profile
17 Floreta Timi Agara Lecturer II view profile
18 Koko Isaiah Epoweide Lecturer II view profile
19 Pamela Alaere Daunemigha Lecturer II view profile
20 Micah Henry Godbless Assistant Lecturer view profile
21 Sokari Victor Assistant Lecturer view profile
22 Okoro Pere Charles Graduate Assistant view profile

Lecturer Statistics

Professor 2
Associate Professor 4
Senior Lecturer 2
Lecturer I 5
Lecturer II 6
Assistant Lecturer 2
Graduate Assistant 1
Year 1 Male Students    –   68 Female Students    –   39
Year 2 Male Students    –   73 Female Students    –   32
Year 3 Male Students    –   49 Female Students    –   21
Year 4 Male Students    –   57 Female Students    –   30
Year 5 Male Students    ——– Female Students    ———

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Political Science Programme

Duration: 4 Years

Semesters: 8

Direct Entry: 6 Semesters

Male Students:

Female Students:

Male Lecturers: 18

Female Lecturers: 3