Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences

Our philosophy of medical and allied medical education is rooted in science. Thus, we give a solid scientific and professional basis for healthcare practice on the platform of Primary Health Care (PHC). To achieve this, our medical and allied medical education aims first at improving health of the people in the community were our doctors and laboratory scientists are trained. Secondly, our products (students) should be able to practice evidence-based medical and allied medical sciences anywhere in the world. We shall implement this philosophy through integrated medical curriculum with a team approach for comprehensive health care.

In keeping with the overall aims of Niger Delta University, we shall
1. Train Physicians in a degree program by emphasizing team approach to healthcare delivery.
2. Relate medical education to national policies in order to provide comprehensive
healthcare to community by preventive, curative as well as promotive activities in
the health sector
3. Contribute to national development, self-reliance and unity through the advancement
and propagation of knowledge in the field of health sciences.
4. Promote a high standard of healthcare in our catchment area.
5. Offer training of a high standard that would enable the graduate build further upon
his professional knowledge and scientific skills.

Faculty Admins

S/N Names Position
1. Wankasi, Martin Mie-Ebi Dean of Basic Medical Sciences view profile
2. Ms. Cynthia October Bindei Faculty Officer view profile
3. Mr. Woyengimiebifagha Kayopa Secretary to Dean view profile
4. Dr. Patrick E. Udoye Head of Department Anatomical Pathology view profile
5. Dr. Marcellinus E. Arhoghro Head of Department Biochemistry view profile
6. Dr. (Mrs.) Benedicta Kasia Head of Department Chemical Pathology view profile
7. Dr. Pughikumo Ogho Crosdale Head of Department Haematology, & Immunology view profile
8. Dr. Tamuno-Olobo Johnbull Head of Department Human Anatomy view profile
9. Dr. Peter Eregbeli Head of Department Human Physiology view profile
10. Prof. Chukwuma Ferdinand Head of Department Medical Laboratory Science view profile
11. Prof. Chukwuma Ferdinand Head of Department Medical Microbiology and Parasitology view profile
12. Prof. Fidelis Poh Ching Head of Department Pharmacology & Therapeutics view profile

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