Faculty of Pharmacy



The faculty is established to educate and train students in the science and practice of pharmacy and contribute positively to expanding the knowledge of the profession through research, scholarship and provision of quality service to the society

Programme Objectives


1. To provide a sound education and training, both theoretical and practical, tin the pharmaceutical sciences, veterinary pharmacy, and clinical pharmacy administration such that graduates have up-to-date knowledge of the subject matter.
2. To produce graduates with suitably developed intellect to enable them to appreciate and apply the knowledge of arts, science and technology of the pharmacy profession.

Faculty Admins

S/N Names Position
1. Prof. Benjamine Ebeshi Dean of Faculty view profile
2. Mr. August G. Agbare-owei Faculty Officer view profile
3. Mr. Woyengimiebifagha Kayopa Secretary to Dean view profile
4. Dr. Emmanuel A. Bamigbola Head of Department Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice view profile
5. Dr. Gideon Alade Head of Department Pharmacology and Toxicology view profile
6. Dr. Diepreye Ere Head of Department Pharmaceuticak Chemistry view profile
7. Dr. (Mrs.) Nateinyin J. Akporehwe Head of Department Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology view profile
8. Dr. A. P. Sele Head of Department Pharmacology and Herbal Medicine view profile
9. Dr. Adebola Onanuga Head of Department Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Biotechnology view profile


Research Areas

  • Molecular Pharmacology
  • Drug Development Sciences
  • Quantitative and System Pharmacology
  • Pharmacogenomics and Functional System
  • Computational Genomics

Dean's Lecture Series