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    Rationale for the Economics programme is to produce sound economists and also provide relevant lecturers for undergraduates in (i) other departments in the Faculty of Social Sciences (ii) Faculty of Education and (iii) Faculty of Management Sciences.


    Our mission is to prepare students in economic theory and principles, skills as well as methodology that will equip them to fit into the public and private sectors where they can help discuss and solve economic problems at the national and international levels.


    The Department aims to provide graduates, who will be able to to fit into the public and private sectors where they can help discuss and solve economic problems at the national and international levels.

    The Department of Economics offers the following programmes:

    • i) B.Sc


    • ii) PGD


    • iii) M.Sc


    • iv) Ph.D

      • Econometrics and Empirical


      • .

    Theoretical and Applied Statistics and Demography.


    Macroeconomics, including Monetary Theory and International Economics.

    • Finance.


    Public Economics and Regulation.

    Business Economics and Industrial Organization.

    Economic History and History of Economic Theory.

    Ag. HOD - Michael, Baghebo - view profile

    Academic Staff

    S/N Names Rank
    1 Michael Baghebo Senior Lecturer view profile
    2 Akekere Jonah Professor view profile
    3 Edoumiekumo Gowon Samuel Professor view profile
    4 Stephen Sieyefa Tombofa Professor view profile
    5 Apere ThankGod Oyinpreye Associate Professor view profile
    6 Francis Agboola Oluleye Associate Professor view profile
    7 Okumoko Tubo Peace Associate Professor view profile
    8 Emmanuel Nathan Senior Lecturer view profile
    9 Eniekezimene A. Francis Senior Lecturer view profile
    10 Akarara Ebierinyo Ayebaemi Lecturer I view profile
    11 Krokeyi Selekekeme Wisdom Lecturer I view profile
    12 Ogbewo Johnson Bright Lecturer I view profile
    13 Tantua Ben Lecturer I view profile
    14 Alaowei Markson Jombo Lecturer II view profile
    15 Ekainsai Z. Stephen Lecturer II view profile
    16 Niyekpemi. Okuboere Beauty Lecturer II view profile
    17 Sunday Omiekuma-Paul Omekwe Lecturer II view profile
    18 Kemetimibo Sogboruebi Graduate Assistant view profile
    19 Kpou Ebisindo Jolly Graduate Assistant view profile

    Lecturer Statistics

    Professor 3
    Associate Professor 3
    Senior Lecturer 1
    Lecturer I 5
    Lecturer II 5
    Assistant Lecturer 1
    Graduate Assistant 1
    Year 1 Male Students    –  52 Female Students    –   50
    Year 2 Male Students    –  50 Female Students     –  48
    Year 3 Male Students    –  36 Female Students    –   28
    Year 4 Male Students    –  67 Female Students    –   51
    Year 5 Male Students    ——– Female Students    ———

    study economics

    Undergraduate Programme

    Duration: 4 years

    Class Attendance: 70%

    Semesters: 8

    Male Lecturers: 14

    Female Lecturers: 5