Department of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering


The Department is concerned with the production of quality Agricultural and Environmental engineers who are theoretically and practically competent to the overall process of agriculture, food and fiber production, the preservation of environmental quality and stability and to the general field of equipment design and manufacture, storage systems design and manufacture, food security processes, rural electrification and rural development.


The Department aim is to provide professional engineers, who will be able to


i) ensure that societal development and the use of water, land and air resources are sustainable


ii) plan, design, modify and direct the manufacture of agricultural machinery & implements for different agricultural production systems.


iii) plan and design Soil & Water conservation engineering structures and modern irrigation and drainage systems for societal development.


iv) contribute practical solutions to agricultural and environmental problems.


v) Impart positive and responsive out-reach attitudes, initiative and creative thinking in their mission as engineers.

The Department of Agricultural/ Environmental Engineering offers the following programme(s);


i)  Bachelor of Engineering (B.Engr) Agricultural/ Environmental Engineering


ii) Master of Engineering (M.Engr) Agricultural Engineering


iii) Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural …

* Bioenvironmental Engineering. …

* Food and Bioprocess. …

* Grain Quality and Properties. …

* Off-Road Equipment Engineering. …

* Precision Agriculture. …

* Soil and Water Resources Engineering. …

* Technical Systems Management.


Head of Department – Dr. Rotimi M. Davis

Academic Staff

S/N Names Rank
1 Kiridi Ebizimor Senior Lecturer view profile
2 Woyengi-Ebinipre Burubai Professor view profile
3 Davies M. Rotimi Professor view profile
4 Zibokere D. Samuel Professor view profile
5 Matthew Domoyi Castro Senior Lecturer view profile
6 Dio A. Wenapere Lecturer I view profile
7 Ebiefa Paul Diweri Imomotimi Lecturer I view profile
8 Ifiemi Ocholi-Tulagha Lecturer II view profile
9 Tariebi Karikarisei Lecturer II view profile
10 Jethrow Biebelemo Jonathan Lecturer II view profile
11 Yabefa Branly Eric Assistant Lecturer view profile
12 Dandy Makpah Graduate Assistant view profile

Lecturer Statistics

Professor 2
Associate Professor 1
Senior Lecturer 0
Lecturer I 4
Lecturer II 4
Assistant Lecturer 0
Graduate Assistant 1
Year 1 Male Students   – 120 Female Students   –  39
Year 2 Male Students   –    92 Female Students   –  21
Year 3 Male Students   –    65 Female Students    –   7
Year 4 Male Students   –  101 Female Students    – 20
Year 5 Male Students   –   36 Female Students    –  6

Study Agricultural/ Environmental Engineering

NDU Undergraduate Programme

Duration: 5 years

Semesters: 10

Male Lecturers: 11

Female Lecturers: 1