Faculty of Engineering

To be one of the foremost Faculty of Engineering globally, where the frontiers of Engineering and Technology are being advanced.
To produce modern high-Tech Engineers for national development and provide enabling environment for staff to develop enduring Scientific and Engineering knowledge to solve problems.

The central objectives of all the academic programmes in the Faculty of Engineering are to:
1. To give a balanced engineering training suitable for developed and developing countries.
2. To enable the student to master the basics in engineering analysis and design.
3. To have close association with industries in the region to enhance practical application of engineering principles and manufacturing processes.
4. To take full advantage of the global information network through the internet, and using the concept of ‘vitual’ University.

Faculty Admins

S/N Names Position
1. Yelebe, Zekieni Robert Dean of Engineering view profile
2. Mr Ilaye Smith Faculty Officer view profile
3. Miss Diana Yinkori Secretary to Dean view profile
4. Dr. Rotimi M Davis Head of Department Agricultural/ Environmental Engineering view profile
5. Dr. Salome T. Farrow Head of Department Chemical Engineering view profile
6. Dr. Solomon Orumu Head of Department Civil Engineering view profile
7. Dr. Priye Kenneth Ainah Head of Department Electrical/ Electronics Engineering view profile
8. Prof. Ezenwa A. Ogbonnaya Head of Department Marine Engineering view profile
9. Prof. Alexander Okpala Head of Department Mechanical Engineering view profile
10. Prof. Zekieni Robert Yelebe Head of Department Petroleum Engineering view profile

Research Areas

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Dean's Lecture Series