Faculty of Education

The Faculty relates the education of teachers to the national goals by equipping beneficiaries with intellectual and practical skills, through the promotion and dissemination of research findings relevant to the Nigerian’s educational system.

The objectives of the Faculty are derived from the objectives of the University which include among others:

Training of high level manpower for formal and non-formal educational programmes at the following levels: universities, secondary schools, vocational training institutions, teacher training institutions, pre-primary, primary and basic literacy;
Take part in the process of national development through the basic faculties of the university;
Develop and transmit the national cultural heritage and blend this with our larger world heritage;
Provide intellectual life sustained by an intellectual community;
Develop national consciousness and loyalty to truth and academic honesty;
Provoke and promote an enlightened and informed public opinion;
Re-establish old and new values worthy of sustaining the nation;
Coordinate national research under its umbrella and become a catalyst for change;
Engender a spirit of national and community service;
Encourage and develop critical and analytical attitudes;
Create an atmosphere for love of learning and the use of knowledge;
Foster international relations through scholarship
Pursue the goal of free inquiry and disseminate the knowledge for the use of humanity;
Researching into educational problems in the country with a view to providing empirical information;
Communicating educational research information to government and the public at large; and
Rendering educational services to Ministries of Education and other educational institutions in the country.

Faculty Admins

S/N Names Position
1. Major, Nanighe Baldwin Dean of Education view profile
2. Mrs. Tare-ela D. Abite Faculty Officer view profile
3. Mr. Woyengimiebifagha Kayopa Secretary to Dean view profile
4. Prof. Comfort E. Mbachu Head of Department Arts Education view profile
5. Dr. Blessing Igwesi Head of Department Educational Foundations view profile
6. Dr. Pereware A. Tiemo Head of Department Library & Information Science view profile
7. Dr. (Mrs.) Joy-Telu Hamilton-Ekeke Head of Department Science Education view profile
8. Dr. Anderson P. Sele Head of Department Social Science Education view profile
9. Dr. Koku K. Obiyai Head of Department Vocational & Technology Education view profile

Research Areas

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Dean's Lecture Series


S/N Names Period in office
1 . Dr. W-A L. Jonah Eteli 2001 – 2005
2 . Prof. T. T. Asuka 2005 – 2009
3 . Prof. Osa Tawari 2009 – 2013
4 . Prof. C. A. Egumu 2013 – 2018