Faculty of Arts

To expose our young men and women to what man has thought and done through the ages, and by a careful examination of such thought and deed inculcate in our young people those universally known social and moral values that are essential for the preservation of man and his society at large.

The faculty aims to be a leading centre for the development of the artistic and humanistic potentials OF OUR STUDENTS THROUGH Teaching, research and the attainment of set objectives at both the group and individual levels.

Faculty Admins

S/N Names Position
1. Ogaga, Okuyade Dean of Arts view profile
2. Mr. Silas P. Lyon Faculty Officer view profile
3. Johnson Florence Adabibi Secretary to Dean view profile
4. Dr. Odingowei Kwokwo Head of Department English and Literary Studies view profile
5. Dr. Ogbari C. C. Ama-Ogbari Head of Department History and Diplomacy view profile
6. Prof. Aghe Eresia-Eke Head of Department Philosophy view profile
7. Prof. Uche Augustine Dike Head of Department Religious Studies view profile
8. Dr. Sunday Abraye Head of Department Theatre Arts view profile

Research Areas

  • Dramatic Literature
  • OT and Culture
  • Participatory Communication
  • OT Exegesis and Theology


Dean's Lecture Series