Department of Marketing


The fundamental The mission of the Department of Business Administration is to maintain a challenging learning environment that fosters excellence in business education and develops business professionals through innovative programs, applied learning, research, and collaboration with alumni and the local business community. Our programs reflect the international, entrepreneurial, hi-tech, and tourism character of our region and provide opportunities for students.


To continue the transformation into a next-generation business school through the development of a unique college culture; one that promotes engagement, risk-taking, cross-disciplinary collaboration and data-driven decision making.

Moving Forward

While core business curriculum remains unchanged, the world of business is changing the same way students learn and receive information.
The Department’s mission and vision are in place to strengthen the college and ultimately, by focusing on critical factors in higher education: students, faculty, programs and facilities. As such, the college aspires to:

* Offer the benefits of a large, metropolitan research university while providing individual attention and maintaining a sense of community for our students and faculty.


* Create a state-of-the-art educational facility that cultivates a learning environment that promotes collaboration, engagement, risk taking and data-driven decision making.


* Provide increased opportunities for student engagement and one-on-one learning.


* Cultivate an ecosystem which develops entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and skill sets.


* Raise the academic profile of the college by recruiting research faculty in key disciplines and by incorporating top industry executives into programming.


* Elevate the career prospects of students as well as the perceptions of graduates in the community, by ensuring students are career-ready upon graduation by providing experiential learning and developmental feedback.

Head of Department – Dr. Peter C. Chikere

Academic Staff

S/N Names Rank
1 Simeon Baratuaipere Lecturer II view profile
2 Raymond Luke Godday Lecturer I view profile
3 Chikere Peter Chukwuemeka Senior Lecturer view profile
4 Adike Abinotam Joshua Lecturer II view profile
5 Elizabeth Ledisi Poi Lecturer II view profile
6 Emmanuel A. Amangala Assistant Lecturer view profile
7 Mezeh Akpoboloukami Andy Assistant Lecturer view profile

Lecturer Statistics

Professor 0
Associate Professor 0
Senior Lecturer 1
Lecturer I 3
Lecturer II 2
Assistant Lecturer 2
Graduate Assistant 0
Year 1 Male Students    –  12 Female Students    –   18
Year 2 Male Students    –  17 Female Students    –   43
Year 3 Male Students    –  24 Female Students    –   38
Year 4 Male Students    –  21 Female Students    –   32
Year 5 Male Students    –   0 Female Students    –    4


Undergraduate Programme

Duration: 4 years

Semesters: 8

Male Lecturers: 7

Female Lecturers: 1