Advancement & Linkages


The Directorate of Advancement and Linkages Office of the University develops and manages the interactions between the Institution and its major stakeholders. This is done through collaborations via research, exchange programmes, alumni relations, corporate organizations and other development partners. The Directorate also explores avenues for the development of the University through fund raising, endowments, grants, donations and other acceptable means to achieve its mandate. Also, the Office explores collaborations between the University and other national and international institutions to enhance the academic standing of the University.


To be the enviable hub of International Linkages, Collaboration and Advancement of distinction.


To continuously aspire to foster mutually beneficial relationships between the University and national/ international universities, industrial organizations, alumni and other organizations for sustainable development.

Units in Directorate of Advancement and Linkages

S/N Units Function(s)
1. Alumni Unit
  • Alumni relations
  • Fund raising
  • Advocacy and training
  • To attract philanthropic support and investments from companies, foundations and other stakeholders in order to promote the development of the University


Advancement Office

Initiates Academic and Industrial collaborations with Universities, Research Institutions and NGOs.
Some of the our partner Institutions are:

  1. Vaal University of Technology, South Africa;
  2. Belarussian National Technical University, Belarus;
  3. Research Africa Professional, South Africa;
  4. AHB AuBenhandels-und Wirtschafts consultants, Germany;
  5. University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom;
  6. University of Nottingham, United Kingdom;
  7. University of Greenwich, United Kingdom;
  8. Efforts are being made to establish linkages with William Wilberforce Foundation in Australia; and
  9. Celtic Pride Institute of Agricultural Studies, Bayelsa State


S/N Heads Rank
1. Prof. Stanley Ogoun Acting Director
2. Mr. Itua-Banigo Ayebaekitemebara Principal Assistant Registrar
3. Mr. Timi Zuofa Principal Assistant Registrar
4. Mrs. Awudu Patience Assistant Registrar
5. Pelesai R. Emmanuel Administrative Assistant
6. Irene E. Wilson Williams Administrative Assistant

Directorate of Advancement and Linkages
New Site,
Niger Delta University,
PMB 071,
Wilberforce Island,
Bayelsa State, Nigeria.