Agricultural Science Education


The philosophy of the Department of Agricultural Science Education is to produce professionally trained teachers who can effectively teach all vocational and technology subjects at the post primary level of education and obtain gainful employment in the private and public sectors of the economy.


There is a demand for Agricultural Science Education Teachers to be competent in teaching a variety of courses at the secondary school level. The programme is to produce competent teachers who can cope with the teaching of Agricultural Science courses in the Junior Secondary School and be competent in at least three of the senior secondary subjects.


The Department has the following objectives, to:

i. Produce graduate teachers who will teach Agricultural Science subjects effectively at various school levels.

ii. Produce the teaching knowledge and vocational skills necessary for Agricultural Science development.

iii. Produce graduates of the programme who will have an intelligent understanding of the increasing complexities of Agricultural Science and technology development in the country.

iv. Produce dynamic and strong advocates and promoters of government agricultural and technology projects in other categories than teaching.

The Department of Agricultural Science Education offers the following area(s);


* Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) Agricultural Science Education


* PGD M.Ed and Ph.D in Agricultural Science Education

Agricultural Science Development

Education and Development

Education and Politics

Teacher Education and Development

Human Resources Capacity Building and Institutional Reform

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Academic Staff

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Lecturer Statistics

Professor 2
Associate Professor 1
Senior Lecturer 3
Lecturer I 5
Lecturer II 5
Assistant Lecturer 1
Graduate Assistant 2
Year 1 Male Students    ——– Female Students    ——–
Year 2 Male Students    ——– Female Students     ———
Year 3 Male Students    ——— Female Students    ——–
Year 4 Male Students    ——— Female Students    ———
Year 5 Male Students    ——– Female Students    ———

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Undergraduate Programme

Duration: 4 years

Male Lecturers: 15

Female Lecturers: 4

Pass Percentage: 60

Max retakes: 5