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The programme is aimed at developing building and other components of the built environment amidst natural and environmental challenges of the mangrove swamp. It emphasizes on the relationship between the environment and the increasingly dominating schemes of urban development and renewable energy resources. The programme is the first in the line of a two-tier system aimed at producing highly skilled architects capable of responding to a rapidly changing world within the context of sustainability and globalization. It further focuses on remaking the image of local, cultural, land and seascape as contemporary places to live and work with architecture that is functional, resilient and aesthetically pleasing through the use of cutting edge information technology.


The Bachelor of Science(B.Sc.) Architecture is designed as the first part of a comprehensive programme leading to the award of a professional degree in Architecture registrable in Nigeria. The specific objectives are to:

  • develop the knowledge base and intellectual skills of students to attend to those issues which are essential to the creation of Architecture in local and global contexts.
  • train students to acquire competences in design and prepare students for professional work in all areas of architectural practice
  • train students to solve environmental, technical, aesthetic and socio-cultural problems in the context of design through systematic approaches; and
  • develop critical thinking and the spirit of self -inquiry amongst students so that they will be able to improve the knowledge base and practice of Architecture

The department of Architecture offers the following programme(s):

  1. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Architecture

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Academic Staff

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1 INIVIE Abraham Richard Lecturer I view profile
2 STELLA A. Raine Lecturer I view profile
3 DUMBARI Victor Nnaa Lecturer I view profile

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