The Faculty has its aim in the training of production – oriented graduates in the various fields of Agriculture, forestry, fisheries, livestock and food science. Most of the graduates of the faculty are expected to be self-employed, and to generate employment for others. Others may find employment in Agriculture and related establishments of the Federal and State Governments, banks, oil companies and private enterprises related to agriculture.

The objectives of the faculty are as follows:
1. To develop programmes covering the broad area of agriculture, forestry, fisheries, livestock and food science.
2. To turn out production – oriented graduates in agriculture, forestry and fisheries by making it mandatory for each student to maintain a plot in the field, a pen of animals or be in a team to manage fish ponds, from the second to the final year.
3. To train personnel capable of teaching and conducting relevant research on crops, soils, fisheries, livestock, forestry/wildlife production, economics and rural development.
4. To produce graduates who will profitably put their skills into operation by establishing and operating their own farms, hotels food and related enterprises.
5. To produce extension workers who should be able to communicate effectively with rural dwellers taking cognizance of their present level of awareness.
6. To conduct research into various aspect of agriculture, forestry/wildlife, fisheries, livestock, food industry and women in development.
7. To establish viable commercial farms and agro-based cottage industries.
8. To organize regular agricultural clinics where staff and students will advice and interact with farmers on practical problems.
9. To encourage environment friendly agriculture.
10. To turn out graduates who will be engaged in community/development schemes.

Faculty Admins

S/N Names Position
1. Kainga, Prince Ebiowei Dean of Agriculture view profile
2. Mrs. Seiyefa Taylor-Harry Faculty Officer view profile
3. Johnson Florence Adabibi Secretary to Dean view profile
4. Prof. Ineye D. Ekpebu Head of Department Agricultural Economics view profile
5. Prof. Medubari B. Nodu Head of Department Animal Science view profile
6. Dr. Azawei Alamene Head of Department Crop and Soil Science view profile
7. Dr. Aghoaghovwia A. Ogaga Head of Department Fisheries and Aquatic Studies view profile

Research Areas

  • Farmer decision-making.
  • Risk and insurance.
  • Storage and inventory management.
  • Technology adoption and diffusion.
  • Farm labor.
  • Water and soil conservation.
  • Pest management.
  • Biofuels and renewable energy.

Dean's Lecture Series