Faculty of Basic Clinical Sciences

Our philosophy of medical and allied medical education is science embedded. Consequently, we offer a steadfast scientific and professional basis for healthcare practice on the policy of Primary Health Care (PHC). To accomplish this, our medical and allied medical education focuses primarily at enhancing health of the people in the community. Furthermore, our graduates would be able to put into practice verifiable medical sciences anywhere in the globe. This philosophy shall be realised through unified medical curriculum with a team approach for all-inclusive health care.

Faculty Admins

S/N Names Rank
1 Abdu Abdulrashed B. Professor view profile
2 Tawari Erebi Patricia Lecturer I view profile
3 Udoye Ezenwa Patrick Associate Professor view profile
4 Kasia Erere Benedicta Professor view profile
5 Nanah Akpe Lecturer II view profile
6 Alasia Onisojime Moses Lecturer II view profile
7 Ching Fidelis Poh Professor view profile
8 Guembe Kelvin Odede Lecturer II view profile
9 Orutugu Ayibawanami Langley Lecturer II view profile
10 Ojoye Preiye Lecturer II view profile
11 Bekekeme Angalabiri-owei Lecturer I view profile
12 Akaowei Lawrence E. Lecturer II view profile
13 Ebibodere Kingsley Baulch Lecturer II view profile
14 Ere Melvin Peremobowei Lecturer II view profile
15 Boloya Vukumo Eric Lecturer II view profile
16 Daye Seleye-Fubara Professor view profile
17 Idogun E. Sylvester Professor view profile
18 Egbagba John Lecturer I view profile
19 Ubreye B. Owhe-Ureghe Professor view profile
20 Chukwudi Joseph Njoku Lecturer I view profile
21 Matthew Donbebe Lecturer II view profile
22 Ogbe Preye David Lecturer II view profile
23 Oyinkondu Collins Koroye Lecturer I view profile
24 Oseikhuemen Adebayo Ejele Professor view profile
25 Bariweni Moses Woyengiogonoemi Lecturer I view profile
26 Adikwu Elias Lecturer I view profile
27 Nelson Ebinyo Clemente Lecturer II view profile
28 Iyele Kamenebali Lecturer II view profile
29 Aprioku Jonah Sydney Senior Lecturer view profile
30 Ozolua Raymond Iduojemu Professor view profile
31 Dinyain Amatare Senior Lecturer view profile

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