Chemical Pathology


The department of Chemical Pathology is one of the major departments of the University and one of the first ports of call of the medical students during their clinical posting.

The department handles course for the first year clinical students (400 level) and also renders diagnostic services to the Teaching Hospital.


The major function of this department is to demonstrate and impart to students and clinicians the ability to recognize disease based on the biochemical changes that occur with disease processes.  To do this effectively, the department is structured into teaching and service units with a head of department overseeing both.


In the teaching unit of this department, we have adequate manpower and structured course content.

In the service unit, we have in addition to the consultants, well trained medical laboratory scientists that produces reliable laboratory results while the consultants interprets the results and do clinical consultations. There are adequate facilities on ground for the performance of routine and specialized tests.


The major objective of the department of Chemical Pathology of this University includes:

i) To inculcate in the students during their training in the department the ability to recognize and make diagnosis based on the biochemical changes in various disease conditions through well structured and delivered lectures, practical and tutorials.

ii) To render diagnostic consultancy services to the teaching hospital.

iii) To expand the frontiers of knowledge through well organized and properly executed research.

iv) To carry out such other duties as shall be vested in it by the University authority.

v) To join hands with other departments of the university in the production of higher level manpower for the nation’s health care delivery system.

vi) To ensure that our products (students and graduates) can compete with others of the same level all over the world.

The Department offers the following(s);

* (MBBS) degree in Chemical Pathology

* Master of Science (M.Sc) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Chemical Pathology



Head of Department – Dr. (Mrs.) Benedicta Kasia


Secretary to HOD – N/A


Exams & Record Officer – N/A

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