Human Physiology




General ObjectivesTo prepare students within a period of three semesters to take the MBBS Part I examinations.


Specific ObjectivesTo acquaint the students, through well articulated methods and lectures with the normal functions of the body’s primary organs and systems.


Learning Outcome MeasuresThis is done through organized continuous assessment tests after sets of lectures, and formal examinations at the end of the MBBS course


Methods of Instruction Instructions are by way of structured lectures on the various physiological systems and practical experiments to demonstrate what was discussed theoretically, by usage of the appropriate instruments, equipment, animals and organs/tissues.

The Department offers the following(s);

* (MBBS) degree in Human Physiology


Head of Department – Dr. Peter Eregbeli


Secretary to HOD – N/A


Exams & Record Officer – N/A

Academic Staff

S/N Names Rank
1 . Olowu, Onyaye E. Professor view profile
2 . Erigbali, Peter P. Senior Lecturer view profile
3 . Pughikumo, Dibo T. Senior Lecturer view profile
4 . Kiridi, Kelvin E. Senior Lecturer view profile
5 . Joffa, Price P.K. Lecturer I view profile
6 . Koikoibo, Wariebi Lecturer I view profile
7 . Kiridi, Emily G. Lecturer II view profile
8 . Egbejimi, Michael A. Lecturer II view profile
9 . Donbraye, Ebikemefa M. Lecturer II view profile
10 . Guembe, Kelvin .O Lecturer II view profile
11 . Dabirilagha, Fidelis O. Lecturer II view profile
12 . Otodo, Ransome E. Lecturer II view profile
13 . Gbolou, Jackson T. Lecturer II view profile
14 . Eseimokumoh, Blessing T. Lecturer II view profile

Lecturer Statistics

Professor 1
Associate Professor 0
Senior Lecturer 3
Lecturer I 2
Lecturer II 8
Assistant Lecturer 0
Graduate Assistant 0
Year 1 Male Students    ——– Female Students    ——–
Year 2 Male Students    ——– Female Students     ———
Year 3 Male Students    ——— Female Students    ——–
Year 4 Male Students    ——— Female Students    ———
Year 5 Male Students    ——– Female Students    ———


Undergraduate Programme

Duration: *

Class Attendance: *

Semesters: *

Male Lecturers: *

Female Lecturers: *