The Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, College of Health Sciences, Niger Delta University, offers courses that lead to the award of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Biochemistry. The Department also offers servicing courses to Medicine & Surgery, Medical Laboratory Science, Nursing and Pharmacy programmes.

All living things are composed of lifeless molecules that have been organized to form complex organisms. These organisms have the ability to extract, transform and use energy in the environment to enable them build and maintain their intricate energy systems to fulfill their various functions including replication. The study of this complex system is known as Biochemistry.


The basic objective of the science of Biochemistry is to determine how the collections of these inanimate (lifeless) molecules that constitute living organisms interact with each other to maintain and perpetuate life. Thus, Biochemistry is therefore intricately associated with Medicine, Agriculture, Nutrition, and the industry. These are coincidentally areas in this part of the world that require biochemical basis and explanation for us to appreciate our peculiar environment and problems.


The philosophy of the programme is to train young men and ladies on the principles and concepts of biochemistry to enable them meet the challenges of biochemical industrialization, environmental/ waste management, biomedical training/ research and development in the modern society.


The academic programme for the B.Sc degree in Biochemistry has been designed to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To produce B.Sc graduates with suitably broad knowledge in Biochemistry
  2. To produce B.Sc graduates who are well educated members of the society
  3. To produce graduates with critical minds that will tackle our biochemical problems
  4. To produce graduates that can be employed as Biochemists, Scientists, Clinical Chemists, Environmental Toxicologist, and Quality Control Scientists
  5. To provide opportunity for continuing training and research.

The Department offers the following(s);

* Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) degree in Biochemistry

Head of Department – Dr. Marcellinus E. Arhoghro


Secretary to HOD – N/A


Exams & Record Officer – N/A

Academic Staff

S/N Names Rank
1 Chinyelu Helen Madukosiri Professor view profile
2 JOHN THECLA RANG-ANN Chief Technologist view profile
3 Prohp The Prophet Professor view profile
4 Sule Jimoh Olayinwola Professor view profile
5 Arhoghro M. Ejovwoke Associate Professor view profile
6 Okoko Tebekeme Associate Professor view profile
7 Faith O. Robert Senior Lecturer view profile
8 Abraham Sisein Eboh Lecturer I view profile
9 Ezomoh Olubunmi Olusoga Lecturer I view profile
10 Frank-Oputu Ayibaene Lecturer II view profile
11 Wodu Ebizimor Lecturer II view profile
12 Buodeigha Immotongha Stephen Graduate Assistant view profile

Lecturer Statistics

Professor ———
Associate Professor ———
Senior Lecturer ———
Lecturer I ———
Lecturer II ———
Assistant Lecturer ———
Graduate Assistant ———
Year 1 Male Students    – 12 Female Students    – 52
Year 2 Male Students    – 27 Female Students     – 39
Year 3 Male Students    – 48 Female Students    – 74
Year 4 Male Students    – 47 Female Students    – 76
Year 5 Male Students    ——– Female Students    ———


Undergraduate Programme

Duration: *

Class Attendance: *

Semesters: *

Male Lecturers: *

Female Lecturers: *