Department of Sociology



In collaboration with other academic discipline and in partnership with both public and private organizations in Nigeria, the vision of the Department of Sociology, Niger Delta University in the emergence of a self-reliant and viable Nigeria, sustained on the intellectual and research contributions of sociologists.


Our mission is the production of a crop of graduates equipped with appropriate knowledge to make their contributions to the development of Nigeria, Africa and the global community; having been exposed to a broad foundation of knowledge in the field of Social Sciencess in general; an din the various sub-fields of sociology in particular..

  • The Department of Sociology offers the following programmes;
  • i) B.Sc. in Sociology
  • ii) Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) in Agricultural Economics Sociology
  • iii) Master of Science (MSc.) in Sociology (Industrial Sociology; Sociology of Development; Environmental Sociology; Rural Sociology; Sociology of Health and Illness; Criminology
  • iv) Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)in Sociology (Industrial Sociology; Sociology of Development; Environmental Sociology; Rural Sociology; Sociology of Health and Illness; Criminology.
  • Race, Nationality, and Ethnicity.
  • Mass Media.
  • Sociology of Food.
  • Youth Cultures.
  • Sociology of Gender and Sexuality.
  • Social Movements
  • Cults, Clans, and Communities
  • Class Conflict and Inequalities

HOD Sociology – Dr. Lawrence Udisi

Academic Staff

S/N Names Rank
1 . Udisi, Lawrence Senior Lecturer view profile
2 . Sibiri, Elliot Asain Reader view profile
3 . Ekpenyong, Nkereuwem Stephen Reader view profile
4 . Ingiabuna, Theophilus Erebagha Senior Lecturer view profile
5. Dudafa, Undutimi Jonny Senior Lecturer view profile
6 . Ekpenyong, Alfred Stephen Senior Lecturer view profile
7 . Jonah, Pius Seleke-Owei Lecturer I view profile
8 . Tonye-Scent, Grace Atije Lecturer I view profile
9 . Uzobo, Endurance Lecturer II view profile
10 . Titus, Toinpre Charlie Lecturer II view profile
11 . Major, Iteimowei Lecturer II view profile
12 . Otodo, Ifaenyichukwu Lecturer II view profile
13 . Omukoro, Dubamo Assistant Lecturer view profile
14 . Tobin, Violet Duanyon Assistant Lecturer view profile
15 . Omu, Ruth Ebikaboere Assistant Lecturer view profile
16 . Igirigi, Weni Kokinobo Assistant Lecturer view profile
17 . Imbazi, Woyengitari Graduate Assistant view profile
18 . Owelenze, Gospower Yeipeigha Graduate Assistant view profile
19 . Anthony, Eden Robinson Graduate Assistant view profile

Lecturer Statistics

Professor 0
Associate Professor 2
Senior Lecturer 4
Lecturer I 2
Lecturer II 4
Assistant Lecturer 4
Graduate Assistant 3
Year 1 Male Students    –   43 Female Students    –   65
Year 2 Male Students    –   42 Female Students     –  52
Year 3 Male Students   –    39 Female Students    –   42
Year 4 Male Students    –   61 Female Students    –   70
Year 5 Male Students    ——– Female Students    ———

study sociology

NDU Sociology Programme

Duration: 4 years

Class Attendance: 70%

Semesters: 8

Male Lecturers: 14

Female Lecturers: 5