Department of Theatre Arts


The programme in Theatre Arts aims at preparing students to understand and appreciate the aesthetic, intellectual and professional nature of Fine, Industrial and Theatre Arts as a discipline, and to acquire the necessary skills in the discipline. At the aesthetic level, students will be educated to realize that the programme contributes towards satisfying people’s emotional needs and their hunger for the beautiful. The philosophies and ideologies in dramatic works and other theatrical creations from antiquity to the present.


The Bachelor of Arts programme is meant to train students to use the theatre as a forum for entertaining, informing and edifying the society. It involves intensive theoretical studies
and practical work designed to give the student an all-round training in the discipline. The objectives built into the practical as well as the theoretical aspects of the course are meant to produce graduates of theatre who are talented and trained to create opportunities for themselves in the entertainment industry, print and television media, cultural houses, as well as in the academia. we hope that on graduation our students will fill positions as theatre practitioners,
arts administrators and managers, broadcasters, teachers, tourism practitioners, film makers, cultural officers, and advisers on cultural policies.

The Department of Theatre Arts offers the following area(s);


* Bachelor of Arts (B.A) Theatre Arts


* Master of Arts (M.A) Theatre Arts


* Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Theatre Arts

Directing and Stage Management

Playwriting & Dramaturgy

Acting and Character Study

History, Theory and Criticism


HOD Theatre Arts- Dr. Sunday Abraye

Academic Staff

S/N Names Rank
1 . Sunday Doutimiariye Abraye Associate Professor/Ag. HOD view profile
2 . Saviour N.A. Agoro Professor view profile
3 . Henry Bell-Gam Professor view profile
4 . Christine Oyabugha Odi Professor view profile
5 . Kenneth Efakponana Eni Professor view profile
6 . Benedict Binebai Professor view profile
7 . Rudolph Kansese Associate Professor view profile
8. Tam Gordon Azorbo Senior Lecturer view profile
9. Kingsley Imomo-Emi Ineritei Lecturer 1 view profile
10. Akpos Adesi Lecturer 1 view profile
11. Weridonghan Ernest Jackson Assistant Lecturer view profile

Lecturer Statistics

Professor 5
Associate Professor 2
Senior Lecturer 1
Lecturer I 2
Lecturer II 0
Assistant Lecturer 1
Graduate Assistant 0
Year 1 Male Students    – 88 Female Students    – 128
Year 2 Male Students    – 37 Female Students     –  28
Year 3 Male Students    – 12 Female Students    –  20
Year 4 Male Students    – 13 Female Students    –  38
Year 5 Male Students    ——— Female Students    ———

STUDY Theatre Arts

NDU Theatre Arts Programme

Duration: 4 years

Male Lecturers: 10

Female Lecturers: 1

Pass Percentage: 60

Max Retakes: 5