Department of Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering applies basic scientific principles to the design, manufacture, operation and maintenance of all forms of mechanical devices, as well as management of the human and material resources necessary for these activities.


The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers the following programme(s);


i) Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng) Mechanical Engineering


ii) Master of Engineering (M.Eng) Mechanical Engineering


iii) Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Mechanical Engineering


Head of Department – Prof. Alexander Okpala

Academic Staff

S/N Names Rank
1 . Alexander N. Okpala Professor view profile
2 . Emmanuel M. Adigio Professor view profile
3 . Emmanuel E. Jumbo Senior Lecturer view profile
4 . Olala M. Olali Senior Lecturer view profile
5 . Olayemi P. Olisa Lecturer I view profile
6 . Godfrey A. Sibete Lecturer I view profile
7 . Bokumo Jr. Orukari Lecturer I view profile
8 . Amula Emomotimi Lecturer I view profile
9 . Kelvin Kotingo Lecturer I view profile
10 . Tolumoye John Ajoko Lecturer I view profile
11 . Oyinbonogha F. Agonga Lecturer II view profile
12 . Angelyna E. Amos Lecturer II view profile
13 . Etaribo Binaebi-Soroh Lecturer II view profile
14. Thank-God E. Isaiah Assistant Lecturer view profile
15. Koroye Ayibanua Assistant Lecturer view profile

Lecturer Statistic

Professor 2
Associate Professor 0
Senior Lecturer 2
Lecturer I 6
Lecturer II 3
Assistant Lecturer 2
Graduate Assistant 0
Year 1 Male Students    ——– Female Students    ——–
Year 2 Male Students    ——– Female Students     ———
Year 3 Male Students    ——— Female Students    ——–
Year 4 Male Students    ——— Female Students    ———
Year 5 Male Students    ——– Female Students    ———

Study Mechanical Engineering

Undergraduate Programme

Duration: 5 years

Semesters: 10

Male Lecturers: 14

Female Lecturers: 1