Faculty of social sciences



The Social Science Faculty focuses on the human being and his environment. In the quest to understand human behavior and solve societal problems, the modern social scientist in his search for solutions has discarded his traditional approach to knowledge for refined and scientific alternative that is based on the use of modern research tool. Statistics, computer, questionnaires and related sophisticated tools have been found useful in the search for solutions to human problems.


Consequently, the faculty of Social Sciencess intends to train students who will be able to use these modern tools to study human behavior, his social, cultural environment and finds solutions to the numerous burning social issues facing human society.

The aims and objectives of the faculty include inter alia

1. To provide a through training in both the technique and application of political and socio economic analysis with particular reference to the problems of Nigeria with the African and world context.

2. To produce creative, skilled, self-reliant and well-behaved graduates who can make meaningful contributions to individual and national development.

3. To produce graduates imbued with critical judgments and independent mind to assist in proffering solutions to social problems

Faculty Admins

S/N Names Position
1. Prof. Nkereuwem S. Ekpenyong Dean of Faculty view profile
2. Mrs. Heartrest S. Victor Faculty Officer view profile
3. Biriyai Rosemary Iberi and Eblem Kime Secretary to Dean view profile
4. Dr. Tubo Okumoko Head of Department Economics view profile
5. Dr. Odafivwotu Ohwo Head of Department Geography and Environmental Management view profile
6. Dr. Jude Cocodia Head of Department Political Science view profile
7. Dr. Lawrence Udisi Head of Department Sociology view profile

Research Areas

    • Econometrics and Empirical


    • .

    • Theoretical and Applied Statistics and Demography.

    • Microeconomics.

    • Cities and Communities

    • Climate and Earth Systems

    • Critical Geographies and Social Theory

    • American


    • Comparative


    International Relations

Dean's Lecture Series