Department of History and Diplomacy


The History and Diplomacy programme is intended to equip students with the ability to grasp the essential elements of problems and to place them within a time perspective to achieve a balanced view, thus inculcating in them the ability to be analytic in their reaction to
the issues of life, and the habit of seeking to reach balanced and considered judgments.


Give students a broad understanding of the history and historiography of Niger Delta within the context of Nigerian history and historiography;


* Sharpen students’ appreciation of Nigerian history and historiography anchored on African history and historiography, and thereby gain informed knowledge;


* Make students gain greater appreciation of the historical forces and developments which produced the contemporary global system and which continue to shape international relations;


* Enhance students’ capacity to acquire critical and analytical skill characterized by balanced judgment required for employment, self-employment, and leadership positions in the public and private sectors of the Nigerian and global economy;


* Inculcate in the students love of learning and a mental perspective which will enable them to deal with the increasingly complex problems of our society and prepare them to operate on a more encompassing level even outside their discipline.

The Department of History and Diplomacy offers the following area(s);


i)  Bachelor of Arts (B.A) History and Diplomacy


ii)  Master of Arts (M.A) History and Diplomacy


iii) Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) History and Diplomacy

Global Negotiation and Conflict Management

International Economics and Development

International Law and Human Rights

Global Health and Human Security


HOD History and Diplomacy- Dr. Ogbari C. C. Ama-Ogbari

Academic Staff

S/N Names Rank
1 Ekundayo Aduke T. G. Professor view profile
2 Ama-Ogbari Ogbari Chiefson Clive Professor view profile
3 Henchard Bibi Erezene Professor view profile
4 Odogu Binabindor Professor view profile
5 Larry Steve Ibuomo Senior Lecturer view profile
6 Ayibatari Y. Jonathan Lecturer I view profile
7 Odiyovwis O. Osusu Lecturer I view profile
8 Newton Ebelegi Kponam Lecturer II view profile
9 Preye Lolia Torru Lecturer II view profile
10 Ugo Yenimikikuro Lecturer II view profile
11 Kemebradikumo A. Daniel Assistant Lecturer view profile
12 Alex Pensive Binadeinyifa Graduate Assistant view profile
13 Areprekumor Clinton Graduate Assistant view profile

Lecturer Statistics

Professor 3
Associate Professor 2
Senior Lecturer 2
Lecturer I 2
Lecturer II 4
Assistant Lecturer 1
Graduate Assistant 2
Year 1 Male Students   65 Female Students    104
Year 2 Male Students    60 Female Students    78
Year 3 Male Students    65 Female Students    61
Year 4 Male Students    74 Female Students    128
Year 5 Male Students    ——– Female Students    ———


NDU History and Diplomacy Programme

Duration: 4 years

Male Lecturers: 14

Female Lecturers: 2

Pass Percentage: 60

Max Retakes: 5