Social Science Education


The philosophy of the Department of Social Science Education is anchored on the need to develop critically and independent minded individuals with better understanding of the socio-political, economic, geographical and environmental issues in the material world, and bringing such understanding to bear on classroom practices. to this end, relevant theories, methodologies and concepts in the social sciences are integrated into education practices and processes of producing knowledge, necessary for prosper instruction management within the context of education


Among other things, the B.Sc. Ed. Social Science Degree programme has the following objectives

•  Equip teachers with  both physical  and intellectual skills to enable them function  effectively in the Society.;

Produce graduate teachers  with specialized training to give leadership in demonstrating theoretical and practical expertise in workplace;

Train teachers who are conscious of the Social, Cultural, Political ,Economic, Scientific and Technological progress of the Nigerian Society in a global perspective;

•  Produce highly motivated professionally driven conscientious teachers in the demonstration of classroom experience;

•  Produce graduate teachers who posses expanded academic and professional training in humanities and related disciplines for national development;

The Department of Social Science Education Offers the following programmes:

Economics Education;

Geography and Environmental Management Education

Political Science Education and;

Social Studies Education.

HOD Social Science Education – Dr. Ebi B. Nemine

Academic Staff

S/N Names Rank
1 . Anderson P. Sele Associate Professor view profile
2 . Ebi-Bulami B. Nemine Associate Professor view profile
3 . Ekima A. Frank-Oputu Senior Lecturer view profile
4 . Melody K. Gibson Lecturer I view profile
5 . Victory C. Owede Lecturer II view profile
6 . Woyengibarakemi S. Soberekon Assist. Lecturer view profile
7 . Florence E. Jasper-Abowei Assist. Lecturer view profile

Lecturer Statistics

Professor 0
Associate Professor 2
Senior Lecturer 1
Lecturer I 1
Lecturer II 1
Assistant Lecturer 2
Graduate Assistant 0
Year 1 Male Students    ——– Female Students    ——–
Year 2 Male Students    ——– Female Students     ———
Year 3 Male Students    ——— Female Students    ——–
Year 4 Male Students    ——— Female Students    ———
Year 5 Male Students    ——– Female Students    ———

study Social Science Education

Undergraduate Programme

Duration: 4 years

Semesters: 8

Male Lecturers: 2

Female Lecturers: 5

Female Lecturers: *