Educational Foundations


The philosophy of the Department of Educational Foundations is to equipped the beneficiaries with intellectual and practical skills in subject matter and pedagogy, and ability to apply current research findings to the benefit of learners in and outside the school system.


The B.Ed programmes have the following specific objectives among which are to:
equip prospective teachers with intellectual skills in all subject areas and to enable them function effectively as teachers in the schools;
produce graduate teachers who will use their specialized training to give leadership in teaching and practical demonstration of acquired skills in teaching and workplace experience;
train prospective teachers to be aware of the creativity and innovation in the educational delivery process;
develop highly motivated professionally driven and conscientious teachers in the demonstration of classroom experience; and
encourage prospective teachers to possess expanded academic and professional training in the various school subjects.

The Department of Educational Foundations was established in 2003/2004 academic session as an integral part of the Faculty of Education. It is the mother department of three units, namely:

i. Adult Education and Community Development,

ii. Educational Management

iii. Guidance and Counselling with teaching subjects in Arts, Science and Social Sciences


The Department offers the following programmes:
i.) B.Ed Adult Education and Community Development with Teaching Subjects
ii.) B.Ed Educational Management with Teaching Subjects
iii.) B.Ed Guidance and Counselling with Teaching Subjects

Education and Development


Education and Politics


Teacher Education and Development


Human Resources Capacity Building and Institutional Reform

HOD Educational Foundation – Prof. Igwesi Blessing Ngozi

Academic Staff

S/N Names Rank
1 . Adeyinka Augustus Adeleke Professor view profile
2 . Asuka Tuemi Tudou Professor view profile
3 . Zuofa Comfort Chiegenashi Professor view profile
4 . Maliki Agness Ebidiseghebofa Professor view profile
5 . Daisy Dimkpa Inyingi Professor view profile
6 . Allen Agih Aziba-Odumomsi Professor view profile
7 . Ozurumba Chukwuma Njoku Professor view profile
8 . Igwesi Blessing Ngozi Professor view profile
9 . Oghenekohwo Jonathan Elo Professor view profile
10 . Leigha Mark Ben Professor view profile
11 . Torubeli Victor Ayebami Assoc. Professor view profile
12 . Ganagana Tony Ebimowei Assoc. Professor view profile
13 . Oladunjoye Patrick Assoc. Professor view profile
14 . Arikawei Apuega Rigteous Assoc. Professor view profile
15 . Major Nanighe Baldwin Assoc. Professor view profile
16 . Paulley Fibainmine Godgift Assoc. Professor view profile
17 . Maciver Johnson Etaverho Assoc. Professor view profile
18 . Omemu Felix Assoc. Professor view profile
19 . Okodoko Diepreye Assoc. Professor view profile
20 . Offor Ibebietei Temple Senior Lecturer view profile
21 . Kebbi Janet Amasingha Senior Lecturer view profile
22 . Numonde Davidson Senior Lecturer view profile
23 . Epelle Patience Alazi Senior Lecturer view profile
24 . Berezi Irene Uzezi Senior Lecturer view profile
25 . Akosubo-Ogori Ebimiere Lecturer 1 view profile
26 . Amatari Veronica Odiri Lecturer 1 view profile
27 . Wodi Iniye Irene Lecturer 1 view profile
28 . Enekeme Ayebatari Blessed Lecturer 1 view profile
29 . Matthew Josephine Ebhesi Lecturer 1 view profile
30 . Ikiyei Philip Kuro Lecturer 1 view profile
31 . Asuku Mayomi Lecturer II view profile
32 . Umoh Friday Akpan Lecturer II view profile
33 . Forsman Bolouebi Pamoh Lecturer II view profile
34 . Bun Nelson Ayibalayefa Lecturer II view profile
35 . Ekpefa-Abdullahi Janet Youboere Lecturer II view profile
36 . Akpe Peter Peretubo Lecturer II view profile
37 . Victor Pere-Ere Felix Assistant Lecturer view profile
38 . Okpana Gabriel Obedo Assistant Lecturer view profile
39 . Ibaba Grace Barinaada Assistant Lecturer view profile
40 . Onoru Edise-Emi Edmund Assistant Lecturer view profile
41 . Peremiegha Grey Benson Graduate Assistant view profile

Lecturer Statistics

Professor 10
Associate Professor 9
Senior Lecturer 5
Lecturer I 6
Lecturer II 6
Assistant Lecturer 4
Graduate Assistant 1
Year 1 Male Students    ——– Female Students    ——–
Year 2 Male Students    ——– Female Students     ———
Year 3 Male Students    ——— Female Students    ——–
Year 4 Male Students    ——— Female Students    ———
Year 5 Male Students    ——– Female Students    ———

study education

Undergraduate Programme

Duration: 4 years

Male Lecturers: 24

Female Lecturers: 17

Pass Percentage: 60

Max retakes: 5