Pharmacology and Therapeutics


General Objectives:
To equip the students with adequate knowledge and skills for the safe and effective use of drugs in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases in humans.


Specific Objectives:
* Introduce the students to the history, general principles of pharmacology and rational use of drugs.
* To provide the students with adequate information on the actions and safe use of specific pharmacotherapeutic agents.
* To equip the students with the knowledge of dosage forms of pharmacotherapeutic agents and their methods of administration.
* To provide the students with information on mechanisms of drug toxicity and its management.
* To teach the students the nature of abuse of alcohol and other substances and management of the associated problems.


Learning Outcome Measures:
At the end of the courses, students should:
* Have acquired adequate knowledge of the nature of drugs and their rational use.
* Appreciate the broad principles of mechanisms of drug action.
* Appreciate the general principles of adverse drug reactions and their management.
* Appreciate the importance of rational use of drugs in the maintenance of good health.
* Appreciate the nature, consequences and management of abuse of alcohol and other substances associated problems.

The Department offers the following(s);

* (MBBS) degree in Pharmcology and Therapeutics



Academic Staff

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Prof. Fidelis Poh Ching
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NDU Pharmacology and Therapeutics Programme

Duration: 5 years

Class Attendance: 70%

Semesters: 10

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