Lodging & Accomodation

Lodging & Accomodation


The University provides limited and comfortable Hostel accommodation for its Male and female students within the university campus. This is for students who has shown interest and has concluded the procedure at the university student affairs department for living within the university premises. A student who wishes to stay outside the school premises can also obtain aaffordable accommodation of self-contained rooms within Amassoma where the university is located, in close proximity to the university and also in Yenagoa , the state capital a few kilometers away.

Staff & Visitors


The university has a Guest house made available mainly for staff and special visitors. For other visitors, who are visiting for personal interests, there are secured, well furnished and comfortable hotels within Amassoma Community.

Yenagoa the state capital, which is a few kilometers from the university, has some affordable hotels and good accommodation of all classes for staff and visitors who do not wish to stay within the university and Amassoma community.