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The Librarian's Message

The major objective of the library is to meet the information needs of the university community – to support learning, teaching and research geared towards the restoration of the dignity of man. To achieve the above objective, the library strives to:

  1. * Develop its collection to a degree that it is of relevance to the needs of the university community.
  2. * Create avenues and adequate environment for the resources to be fully utilized by the university community.
  3. * Give qualitative reference and information services to the library clientele.
  4. * Encourage the technically competent staff to join with the teaching staff in making the best use of available resources in the library.



Our vision is to become a leader in the provision of library and information services in the heart of the Niger Delta in the promotion of excellence in knowledge creation and enhancing teaching, learning and research.



* Pioneering Excellence in Library and Information Services Delivery
* Producing Quality Students and Prolific Researchers
* Achieving Staff Engagement in the Vision Implementation
* Acquisition, organization and dissemination of first rate information resources
* Preservation and conservation of its collection for future generations.

* Developing highly motivated, knowledgeable and skilled professionals.

* Ensuring cost effective management of Library resources.

RESEARCH-4-LIFE (Visit the University E-LIBRARY for Access to the following Library Online Databases)

* Integrated NDU e-Library

* AGORA: Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries
* ARDI: Innovation and Technilogy
* GOAL: Law
* HINARI: Health
* OARE: Environment


* Book Yard
* BookBoon
* InTech
* Bookfi
* ShareBook
* E-Books Directory


* Open Journal of Accounting
* Journal of Accounting and Taxation
* Journal of Finance and Accounting
* The International Journal of Accounting
* International Journal of Accounting and Information Management
* International Journal of Accounting and Financial Reporting
* Journal of Finance and Accountancy

* Agriculture Journal
* The Open Agriculture Journal
* Agriculture Science Journal
* Free Publishing Journals/Scholarly Open Access Journals
* MAYFEB Journal of Agricultural Science

* International Journal of Biological EngineeringInternational Journal of Virology and Molecular Biology
* International Journal of Micro Biology, Genetics  and Monocular Biology ResearchResearch in Cell Biology

Computer Science
* Advances in Computing
* American Journal of Signal Processing
* Software Engineering
* International Journal of Optoelectronic Engineering
* American Journal of Intelligent Systems
* Computer Science and Information Systems
* Journal of Wireless Networking and Communications

Business Administration
* International Journal of Business Administration
* Open Journal of Business and Management
* International Journal of Business and Management
* The International Journal of Management
* Electronic Journal of Business Ethics and Organization Studies
* Journal of Academic and Business Ethics
* Journal of Behavioral Studies in Business
* European Journal of Business and Management

Political science
* Global Journal of Political Science and Administration
* Global Journal of Politics and Law Research

Public Administration
* Review of Public Administration and Management
* Journal of Public Administration and Policy
* Public Administration Research
* Journal of Public Administration and Governance
* Journal of Public Administration and Policy Research

Multidisciplinary Journals
* International Academy of Science, Engineering & Technology
* International Knowledge Sharing Platform
* Free Publishing Journals/Scholarly Open Access Journals

*Advances in Physics Theories and Applications
* Physics Journals
* Open Physics formerly Central European Journal of Physics
* Canadian Journal of Physics
* Electronic Journal of Theoretical Physics

* Insight Medical Publishing
* Chemical Sciences Journal
* Journal of Chemistry
* Chemistry Central Journal
* International Journal of Chemistry

English Language
* International Journal of English Linguistics
* Open Journal of Modern Linguistics
* Ghana Journal of Linguistics
* Eurasian Journal of Applied Linguistics
* Computational Linguistics
* Public Journal of Semiotics
* European Journal of English Language and Literature Studies
* British Journal of English Language Linguistics


Principal Officers

Dr (MRS) Joyce C. Oyadonghan

Ag Libarian


Nicholas, Dekpen A
Senior Librarian

Batubo, Nelly D. B. (Mrs)
Senior Librarian

Idiedo, Victor O. (Barr.)
Librarian I


Librarian I

Okokuro, Aderonke B. F. (Mrs)
Librarian I

Ateboh, Benedict
Librarian II

Enaikpoemi, Bedford C.
Librarian II
(Systems Librarian)


Kakiri, Flint I.  
Librarian II

Asaba, Joy O. 
Librarian II

Ebhomeya, Loveth
Assistant Librarian

Zuokemefa, Timi
Librarian Assistant

Karikarisei, Harold I.
Assistant Librarian

Godwin Sunday

Assistant Librarian