The Niger Delta University at the 125th meeting of the Senate held in May 6, 2015 established the Pre-degree programme and expanded the initial Basic Studies programme for the Science in the university, to embrace all other disciplines offered by the university. The aim is to make university admission easier for the teeming population of youths, and to prepare students for better university pursuit and positive career development.

Both the Pre-degree and Basic programme are run for only one year. At the end of which admission will be given to successful candidates. Both programmes offer a wide range of opportunities for candidates. The Pre-degree programme offers candidates who enrolled into it the opportunity to engage in purposeful studies for two semesters, at the end of which successful candidates are offered admission into 200 level in their respective courses of choice in the university. No writing of JAMB or Post-UME is required for the Pre-degree, once candidates have passed the two semesters’ university-based examinations which are internally organized for the candidates. However, admission to Degree Programmes for Basic students in the University will also depend on their performance in the current JAMB.