Procedure for registration of Fresh students for Academic Activities It is mandatory that all fresh student of the University are cleared and register for courses as applicable to their respective departments.


The procedure for the registration of students is as follows


Clearance and Registration Procedure The under listed steps should be followed for Clearance and Registration

  • Click ‘Portal’ on the NDU home page
  • Click on Admission Clearance to complete the online clearance
  • Required documents for online clearance: the following documents should be scanned in and attached in jpeg/jpg format
    • WAEC/NECO/SSCE?GCE/ETC (not more than two (2) results).
    • A signed statutory declaration of good behavior,
    • Two (2) signed attachment letters addressed to The Registrar, Niger Delta Uiversity, Wilerforce Islad, Bayelsa State, Nigeria.
    • Birth certificate/age declaration e. Local government area identification letter
  • Required Documents for Verifications at NDU
    • Original copy of NDU admission letter
    • Original JAMB admission letter printed from JAMB website
    • Signed acceptance form
    • All original of documents used for the online clearance
  • The following documents are issued after a successful completion of the online registration and certification process
    • A Personal Data form Take the Personal Data form to the examination and records department for signature
    • A Clearance Certificate Take the Clearance Certificate to the admissions Officer for signature