Research Projects

  • Marine Processes: research encompasses coastal studies, geology and geophysics of the ocean basins, and palaeoceanographic and palaeoclimatic modelling.
  • Early Earth Evolution: understanding the origin and evolution of early life on Earth, and the dynamics of provinces with multiphase thermal and deformational histories.
  • Environmental Geology and Geochemistry: research in this field concentrates on the Sydney region, principally examining marine and estuarine contamination, river-bank stability and sediment dynamics.
  • Mineral and Petroleum Resources: research includes all aspects of resource exploration, including coal, petroleum, and mineral resources based on petrographic, geochemical, computational and geophysical methods.
  • Geophysics: research in geophysics ranges from mining geophysics to exploration and global, planetary-scale geophysics.
  • Geocoastal Research: research encompasses river, coastal and estuarine morphodynamics and focuses on coupling between flow dynamics and morphological change involving sediment transport on a multiscale continuum from daily beach changes to Holocene and Quaternary coastal evolution.
  • E-Research: research in plate kinematics, global and regional geodynamics, frontier basin exploration, palaeo-climate modelling, formation of Australian opals, palaeostress modelling.
  • Seismology: research in current NSW earthquake events, evaluation of earthquake risk in NSW.

Our research areas/ interest also include; Exploration Geophysics, Electronics, Solid State Physics, Theoretical Physics and Health/ Radiation Physics and Environmental Physics.