Our Internet

Networking Lab,
The Computer Networks Laboratory is devoted to the development of new methodologies and tools for Internet-centered computer networks. Currently, our efforts are mainly focused on the problem of inter-domain routing and network security.

Mathematical/Statistical Lab

General Purpose Statistics Packages, Data Mining Software, Design of Experiments Software,  Mathematical Computing Packages, Reliability Software, Spatial Statistics Software, Statistical Genetics/Genomics Software,  Time Series and Econometric Software,  Visualization and Graphics,     Other Specialized Statistics Packages include; Fortran/C/C++ Libraries for Statistical Analysis, and Data Conversion

Hardware Lab

Hardware Lab, is populated with 35+ lab workstations augmented by state-of-the-art digital and embedded computer hardware / software development equipment.  PC's are pre-loaded with contemporary development software.  

Opportunistic Programming
Software Lab, is used to design, analyze and implement computer algorithms and software systems in such fields as finance, pharmaceuticals, technology and management. It also supports working with engineers or biologists to develop systems or lead large software development project teams.

The overall aim of our digital library is to create a comprehensive and interconnected collection of retro-digitized books and other digital documents. Objectives of the project include electronic archiving first of all the old manuscripts and their publishing in electronic photo-type form and presentation to the general audience. Our proposal was at the beginning computer/mathematically inclined, but since 2009 we started to include the books from other areas of science and literature. However, the preference will be still given to Nigerian authors and works Niger Delta area.