The department is active in research in a number of key areas of Computer Science. Our research has been funded by grants from government agencies such as the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Nigerian Information and Technology Development Agency (NITDA), Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TET fund), and multinational cooperations in the oil and gas sector.

The mathematics program has its areas of strength within application areas of mathematical biology (ecology, biochemistry, neuroscience), nonlinear waves and coherent structures (water waves and tsunamis, lasers, nonlinear optics), mathematical finance, climate modeling (atmospheric dynamics, global warming) and modern mathematical methods (inverse problems, numerical analysis, optimization).

The Major focus areas of the statistics option are molecular biology, geophysics, astronomy, AIDS research, sociology, political science, education, and demography.

Computer Science
This program's strength lies in her ability to solve problems of efficiency and overall performance of applications in architecture and operating systems; computer graphics and visualization; data management, distributed systems, intelligent systems, languages and tools, security, and theory.-informatics.