The Department of Chemical Sciences, Faculty of Science of the Niger Delta University offers a 4 year course that leads to the award of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Honours in Pure and Applied Chemistry degree.
The Niger Delta is a unique setting and relatively unexplored, apart from oil exploration activities. The study of chemistry in the Niger Delta University will therefore bring to the fore the necessary industrial growth, environmental clean-up, and introduce chemical technology to the area.
The Department of chemistry is committed to offering a curriculum. While specialization in a number of sub-disciplines is possible, the Chemistry B.Sc. at Niger Delta University provides the necessary background and understanding for students to tackle any job within the realm of the working chemist. In addition, the courses offered will serve as preparation for students that are contemplating advanced studies, whether they are at the post-graduate level in Chemistry or in other disciplines. Chemistry is also fundamental to a number of other disciplines including Geology, and Biology.