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The philosophy of the Department of Educational Foundations is to equip the beneficiaries with intellectual and practical skills in subject matter and pedagogy and ability to apply current research findings to the benefit of learners in schools.


i. produce highly motivated, effective and efficient classroom teachers for all levels of the Nigerian Educational system;

ii. produce teachers who will promote the literacy programmes of government;

iii. help student-teachers to fit into the social life of the community and society at large and enhance their commitment to local and national objectives;
iv. enhance student-teacher commitment to the teaching profession;

v. encourage student-teachers who wish to pursue further education in the areas of specialization.



The Department of Educational Foundations was established in 2003/2004 academic session as an integral part of the Faculty of Education of the Niger Delta University. It is the mother department of three units, namely, 
i. Adult Education and Community Development, 
ii. Educational Management and 
iii. Guidance and Counseling

The Department provides good quality professional training in these three basic units while the relevant University Departments cater for the academic courses in the various teaching subjects. The teaching subjects offered include English Language, Religious Studies, Economics, Political Science, Geography and Environmental Management, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. These are complemented with Courses in Education including Philosophy of Education, Sociology of Education, History of Education, Psychology of Learning, Principles of Instruction, Curriculum Development, Citizenship and Moral Education, Instructional Technology, Principles of Guidance and Counseling, Measurement and Evaluation, Research Methods and Statistics, Educational Administration, Developmental Psychology and Comparative Education.