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The department of English & Literary Studies was established at the inception of the University in 2001/2002 Academic Session. At present, the Department offers just one programme - the four year Bachelor of Arts Degree Programme in English & Literary Studies. 
The Department of English & Literary Studies is also a service department, which, in conjunction with the General Studies Unit, administers the Use of English programme. The Department also caters for some Faculty of Education students who have English as their teaching subject. 

The department of English & Literary Studies aims at producing graduates with a high degree of oracy and literacy skills in the English Language The importance of English as the world's primary language and Nigeria's de facto official language cannot be over emphasized. English is the main language of instruction in institutions of learning in the country as well as the language of the elite. University graduates are therefore generally expected to have a high degree of competence in oral and written expression in English while the Department of English is expected to produce specialists with near and native competence in the language. University majors in English should therefore be exposed to standard texts and excellent speech models to equip them for proficiency in the language. The comprehension of a good variety of English and the production of good standard expression, would qualify students for the vast labour market available to graduates of English and equip them for hiigher degrees. 

The Department believes in rendering service to her immediate environment but with national and global outlook. Our mission includes:

* To train students to improve their literary and oracy skills, thereby boosting their confidence in the use of the language.

* To train students in the use of English for special purposes, legal communication, print and broadcast media, advertisement, book publishing, etc.

* To equip students with adequate knowledge of the phonology, syntax, semantics of English.

* To prepare students for higher degrees in language, linguistics and literary studies, thereby equipping them for teaching and research at the tertiary level of education.

* To equip students for self employment as publishers of magazine, speechwriters, presenters of TV/Radio programmes and other forms of creative ventures.

* To equip them to use of English as a tool for the areas of endeavour.

Career Opportunities 
One of the objectives of the programme is the provision of a solid base for higher degrees in English. Self-employment could be generated in publishing, public relations, the print and electronic media etc. Graduates of English may also become civil servants, teachers and private sector entrepreneurs.