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The fundamental objective and philosophy of the undergraduate programme is to equip student with knowledge of economics and sociology necessary for proper management of farming, agribusiness and community development activities in our economy. On graduation, it is expected that the students of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development will have acquired skills to: 
(a) Formulate social and economic policies aimed at agricultural/community development,
(b) Undertake needs assessment of rural communities with a view to evolving appropriate agricultural and community development programmes. 
(c) Assist government and non-governmental organizations in planning and implmenting of agricultural and community development projects and programmes. 
(d) Appraise investment opportunities and projects in farming and agribusiness as well as provide investment advisory services to clinents. 
(e) Set up and profitably manage farming and agribusiness enterprises for income and employment generation in the economy. 
(f) Undertake formal and informal training of farmers and agribusiness entrepreneurs in modern techniques of profitable farming and agribusiness enterprise management.