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The Health Services Department was set up to take care of the health needs of the members of the University Community. These health need are bound to arise in the setting of a large population. The Health Services Department ensures a healthy population for maximam productivity.
The Department also operates Sickbays at the Faculty of Law and College of Health Sciences Campuses to provide first aid and attend to emergency cases. More severe cases are refered to Niger Delta University Teaching Hospital, which is about 30 minutes drive from the Main Campus


To be Centre of Excellence for Primary and Secondary Health Care Delivery. 



To render Promotive, Preventive and Curative Health Care Services to ensure a healthy University Community.



Statutory Boards

Medical board
This determines the capability of staffto continue work
1 Dr. K. Onu
2 Dr B Angalabirioei Member
3 Matron Braye Okoagwa Member
4 Registrar's Rep Secretary

Medical Advisory Board
This addresses health issues, advices staff and management on best global best practices.

1 Prof. B.G.Fente Chairman
2 Dr. E.T.Omu Member
3 Mr Ingezi Idonii Member
4 Matron Braye Okoagwa Member
5 Registrar's Rep Secretary